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You can click here to reset your password.

Problems signing in

I need detailed instructions on how to sign in for the first time. Click here to view information.


I no longer have access to my email or I don't remember my email address I used. Click here to send us a message.


If you have limited computer experience and are unable to sign in, please contact your Supervisor.

Unable to find a course?

Sign in, select your Dashboard, and use the link to "View All Courses."

District not listed?

If your district is not listed, your employer no longer subscribes to this online training service. Please contact your Supervisor or Human Resources Department.

Unable to View Previous Training History

Don't worry. We have it saved. The archived training data was transferred from the previous system based on your current email. If your archive is not displayed and you used a different email address in the previous system, please contact us with that email address so that your records can be updated.


Sign in, select your Dashboard, and use the link to “View All Courses.” If you completed the course and passed the examination, your certificate will be in the certificate column of your courses page.

System Requirements

For the best user experience, please see this document of system requirements.

Need admin access?

If you are an Administrator your admin access will be automatically granted on login.

Job Change/Wrong District/Job Title/Multiple Districts?

I selected the wrong Job Title or my Job Title changed.
There is not an option for you to change it yourself. Use this link to please let us know what your current job title is and we will change it for you.


I substitute at multiple Districts and unable to create a new record.
We can now assign multiple districts to a single email.  Please contact us for assistance.

Need admin access?

Please contact us for assistance. 


Please contact us for assistance.