Request Forgotten Admin Access

If you already have administrator access, but need assistance with a forgotten Admin password, use the Contact Us form.

Request Administrator Access

As an online training administrator you will be able to view and edit employee training records. Before we issue access, we need to verify that you have permission from your employer.

There are two levels of access.

  1. Department Manager / Site Administrator (access to Department or Site training records)
  2. District Supervisor (access to ALL district employee training records)

If you a requesting Department Manager / Site Administrator access, please provide us with the following:

  • First and last name

  • District email address

  • Office area code and phone number

  • Department(s) or site(s) that you supervise

If you are requesting District Supervisor access, please provide us the following:

  • An email from district administration (cabinet level) granting you the authority to obtain access to all employee online training records
  • Cabinet member´s name, email and office phone number
  • Your name, email and office phone number

Use the Contact Us form to send the requested information.

Thank you for contacting